Plantensis was created by two Vancouverites that view veganism as a values-baserather than a dietary preferenceone that chooses health and sustainability rather thanone over the other. Taking care of your body and taking care of the planet shouldnt beconflicting choices.

One of the creators of Plantensis is Pouyan Kazemi BScN, RN. He is a Personal Trainer anda Colorectal Screening Registered Nurse. His background allowed him to understandwhy a well-balanced vegan diet is so important. This information was at the heart ofdeveloping a protein powder that touched on performance, health, and lifestyle. Combinedwith his own passions, Plantensis was born.

Plantensis blends the best sources of plant-based proteins to create a tasty non GMO,gluten free, dairy free, nut free, trans-fat free, and cholesterol free, vegan proteinpowder. Its protein is sourced from pea, rice, chia, quinoa and Spirulina Plantensis. Thesource for which it was named. Each source was carefully chosen for its high amountsof protein and nutrients. Plantensis also contains Amylase and Protease enzymes,probiotics and amino acids. All this, free from sugar and artificial flavours.

We know youll fall in love with Plantensis and the taste of putting both the health ofpeople and the planet at the highest priority!