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I just had a baby 14 months ago and getting back on track has been super challenging. But drinking your protein in the morning as my breakfast has made a huge difference. Now i'm back to trainning 3-4 times a week and feel AMAZING

Joyce Yan

I've been trying this vegan protein out now for a few weeks and im really enjoying it. i use it daily, in my morning smoothies. From the macros, to the taste, to the texture. i was given the chance to try a sample few weeks ago and liked it soo much that i needed more! i think the thing that amazes me the most is the nutrition facts.. its very unusual to see this low carbs and fats in a plant based protein so i'm pretty amazed. 

Nico Ghisi

Best vegan protein I have had! Smooth and not chalky, with a hint of vanilla 🥰 I absolutely love it! 🙏

Personal Trainer - Nicole Amanda

Easily the best tasting protien i had.
Compared to whey protein, Plantensis has a light, clean taste with no aftertaste or bloat feeling afterwards.

Patt Tsou


Smooth Plantensis Vegan Protein


Taste and health should not be a conflicting choice. Plantensis has blended the most delicious , smooth, and none gritty protein. Try it now you will be surpsied! 

Plantensis Vegan Protein Canada


We have carefully selected the cleanest and highest quality ingredients sourced in Canada. 

Plantensis Vegan Protein eco-friendly


Our products are 100% vegan so we can ensure both you and the planet can thrive together.

Plantensis is meant to you fuel your body with zero fillers and the highest quality protein derived from pea, brown rice, quinoa, and spirulina. Mix it with your favorite beverage or blend it in a smoothie with our tasty recipes.


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